Sunday, 13 January 2013

Is it for me, dear Saviour?

It was 21 years ago that my blessed God stepped down into my darkness and took away the veil that covered my heart, revealing His glory to me in the face of Jesus Christ my saviour.

I look back and separate those 21 years into two periods. The first 19 years I walked in despair, burdened down by the belief that I was continually failing my precious Lord, unable to appropriate His grace, living under a cloud of wretched condemnation. The last 2 years have been a walk of a completely different kind….of a gradual unfolding of His grace, a growing assurance in the faith, and wonder of all wonders, a lifting of my eyes to behold His face revealed in all its glory.

I want to say today to any precious believers reading this who are all too aware of their unworthiness before Him, who see all too clearly their sinfulness, their wretchedness, their need of Him, who feel they can never come forward to claim their full inheritance – He has made a great promise that stands for all time that is true, and always will be true, for they are His words and He does not lie:

Our God is a holy God, who is immortal, invisible, who dwells in unapproachable light, who no man has seen or ever can see. And yet He calls on us to seek after Him. He calls on us to behold His glory in the face of Christ. He calls on us to seek after His face.

And when we do this, we will discover that as we turn towards Him, He comes running towards us to welcome us with the warmth of His embrace, with a kiss. He has a robe to clothe us with, the precious robe of the righteousness of Christ. He has a ring to put on our finger, the ring that symbolises our belonging to His family. Then He bids us enter, to come and eat at His table, like one of the King’s sons.

And more than this, oh! so much more than all of this, He bids us to look up into His face! And as we dare do this, we will discover the most precious pearl. We will see eyes reflecting back to us how much we are loved and delighted in, because we come in the Name of His most beloved Son.

I came across a hymn written by Frances Havergal just before Christmas. I trust she won’t mind, I rewrote the last 3 verses, and giving it a new tune was privileged to be able to lead our congregation in singing it this morning. May these words bless you today. Is it for me, dear Saviour? Oh yes! Yes, it is!

Is it for me, dear Saviour,
Your glory and Your rest,
For me, so weak and sinful?
O shall I be so blessed?

O Saviour, my Redeemer,
What can I but adore,
And magnify and praise You,
And love You evermore?

Is it for me, dear Saviour
The warmth of Your embrace?
A ring and robe You would give me?
Oh boundless, wondrous grace!

Is it for me, dear Saviour
Your gracious “Enter in”,
To come and eat at Your table,
A precious child of the King?

Is it for me, dear Saviour
This boldness in the faith?
That as I bow in Your presence
I look up into Your face?


  1. This is incredible Diana! I take great joy in knowing you have such peace now. Blessed assurance is something so many of us take for granted, I am so thankful to be able to read this today as a gentle reminder of God's grace and favor in calling us His children. I would have loved to have worshipped with you all this morning, but sitting here nursing a broken toe I am so thankful to read about it, and take part in the worship of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ even across the miles. Love you dear friend and Sister! xoxoxo

    1. T, so good to be able to worship Him across the miles ♥ I don't think I shall ever take blessed assurance for granted, knowing how hard it was to win! God bless you, sis! And I pray your toe heals quickly!

  2. Wonderful! I just read a bio on Frances Havergal last week and was focusing on the hymn "Like a River Glorious" that she wrote after a period of illness in her life. The growth that our Lord gives during the trials of our life are a testimony of His grace! One day we will see His face!

    1. So good to hear you also have been reading about Frances Havergal, Marianne! This English lady endeared herself to me with a poem she wrote to Fanny Crosby, her American sister. I wholeheartedly feel her prayers for her American sister! ♥

      Dear blind sister over the sea
      An English heart goes forth to thee.
      We are linked by a cable of faith and song,
      Flashing bright sympathy swift along;
      One in the East and one in the West,
      Singing for Him whom our souls love best,
      Singing for Jesus, telling His love,
      All the way to our home above.
      Where the severing sea, with its restless tide,
      Never shall hinder, and never divide.
      Sister! what will our meeting be,
      When our hearts shall sing and our eyes shall see!

  3. What a wonderful post Diana. What truth you have written and straight from your heart. We talked about recognizing our need for God today in our Sunday School we have to see our poverty in light of the riches of His glory. How wonderful is the grace of God. So glad to know you dear friend and sister in Christ! Blessings and thank you for such a blessed post.

    1. Bless you, Barbara! May we increasingly see our need for God day after day - and may He increasingly fill us up with all His goodness in Christ day after day. God bless you!