Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Mother's Prayer

I ask not for riches for my little boy;
His poverty – this is my plea;
That poor in his spirit he’d cry out to You;
From all trust in self he would flee.

I ask not that happiness fills all his days,
But fear of his Holy God grows;
That mourning both sin and contempt for Your Name,
Your comfort in Christ he would know.

I ask not that he’d do all he wants to achieve,
But instead would submit to Your will;
And as he learns meekness, You’d teach him Your ways,
In awe of You he would “Be still”.

I ask not that he’d be satisfied with his lot,
But a hunger and thirst he would feel,
And for righteousness’ sake a slave he would be,
Your Spirit in him as Your seal.

I ask not for accolades in his career,
But mercy to others he’d show;
Keen to forgive those who’ve wronged him at all,
His own sins once scarlet - now snow.

I ask not that he’d win the acclaim of his friends,
But Your face alone he would seek;
His conscience now cleansed by the blood of the Lamb
Your truth from his heart he would speak.

I ask not that his life from trouble be free,
But his work be the gospel of peace,
And that deep in his heart his sonship he’d know
So that fear and worry can cease.

O Lord, now I’m trembling - please come, strengthen me,
Voice faltering as I intercede;
Should he be persecuted because of his faith
I pray that Your grace meets our need.

(based on Matthew 5:3-10)


  1. This is wonderful Diana. I am not a Mother but I feel the same way about the "Kids" in my family. May God give you peace and strength in the coming years, you are a wonderful Mother and your son is blessed with God fearing, loving parents. God bless you sweet Sister!

  2. May the Lord answer this prayer for you and for all of us who are moms or moms-at-heart.

  3. A prayer from a redeemed mother's heart...the things you ask for here, Diana, are antithetical to the course of this world and its ways.

    It's no small undertaking to raise a boy to manhood in the fear of God, but godly mothers are God's way and a soft heart is a strong heart.

    Thank you for writing and sharing this beautiful poem.

  4. Thank you so much for your kind comments!

    Teresa - I thank God that the "kids" in your family have a god-fearing woman like you to influence them and pray for them. May God bless you, my friend!

    Persis - Amen.

    E - how I need the godly example of other Christian mothers raising their children in the fear of the Lord - how I need your example, dear sister, and I thank God for you.

  5. This is the cry of this redeemeed mother's heart and soul for my beloved son (as well as for our two daughters as well!) - His Name be glorified!

    Thank you kindly and may God bless you, Diana!

  6. Yolanda - may God bless you too, and may He answer your prayers for your children.

  7. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. Where did you find this lovely painting of the mother?

  8. Hi Nancy! I found it on Google but couldn't find any reference to who had painted it.

  9. A prayer from a redeemed mother's heart, indeed, Liz. Diana, this is so beautiful and God glorifying, sister. If you should ever publish your poetry and prayers, dear friend, I hope you'll include Liz's comment, including, "It's no small undertaking to raise a boy to manhood in the fear of God, but godly mothers are God's way and a soft heart is a strong heart.". So true, sisters, so true. I praise God for the work he's done in your lives and the encouragement you are to others! All glory to God!