Friday, 18 March 2011


“Open my eyes to see You, Lord”, this has long been my heart's cry,
To see You blazing in Your Glory, exalted o’er the heavens above;
I thought the clearer I saw You, I’d feel warmth and glow inside,
Instead I’ve been laid low before You, undone by Holy Love.

You spoke and then the earth shook open, trembling at Your Holy Word,
And then You called for the sea’s waters, poured them out onto the land;
I saw Your Glory so brightly, as Your judgement began to fall -
I fell onto my face before You, undone by Righteous Hands.

No man can stand before Your gaze, O Almighty, Sovereign Lord,
We are naked, sinful, wretched, exposed in our guilt and shame;
But then You gently said “O child, your Heavenly Father I remain”,
I bowed still lower before Jesus, undone - He took my blame.

Your mercy's beyond comprehension, even now as nations shake,
Today's the day of our salvation, Sovereign Lord, open eyes to see;
Give me grace to preach with boldness the gospel You’ve poured into me,
I’m ready Lord, for now I'm broken, undone, emptied of me.


  1. He has made your soul to sing...a sweet, sweet sound in His ear.


  2. Beautiful Diana. Thank you sweet friend.

  3. Elizabeth and Diane - I love you both for your encouragement in Him, God bless you x