Thursday, 18 October 2012

Small Wonder book discussion

My dear friend, Elizabeth DeBarros, has been hosting a book discussion in recent weeks over at her blog, findingthemotherlode.

The book, Small Wonder, by Barbara Kingsolver, is written by a lady who has experienced much of common grace in her life, but has yet to recognise the reality of, and bend her knee before, the God who has revealed so much truth to her and has brought so much goodness into her life.

Reading through the essays in this book has not only endeared Kingsolver and her writing to me, it has helped me to see the extent to which all of us are the recipients of God's grace at work in our lives, and I trust that those of us who have engaged in the discussion will be better equipped to "defend the Truth with a right spirit", as Elizabeth puts it. 

It is my honour today to have written a response to Kingsolver's essay "Household words" considering the topic of homelessness. Please do come and join the discussion.

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