Monday, 23 April 2012

A more adequate way

I once heard a message preached straight to my heart
Of repentance, forgiveness of sins.
Convicted of guilt, my eyes were cast down
As I pleaded for mercy from Him.

Forgiveness was sweet and my burden did lift,
Blessed peace I now knew with my Lord;
But under the white of my new Righteous robe
Filthy hands could not be ignored.

I could not lift my eyes as I drew near to Him,
Clinging sin kept me from His embrace;
Convicted of guilt, my eyes were cast down
And the tears rolled unchecked down my face.

I then heard a message preached straight to my heart
Of baptism in Spirit and fire.
And as Holy flames burned deep in my soul,
Hesitantly my gaze lifted higher.

For the old was now gone, a new creation was come,
Filthy hands washed clean in His blood!
My burden once lifted – now it was gone,
My guilt washed away by the flood.

So now that I'm learning a more adequate way
I gaze into His eyes by pure grace,
Raised up in His presence, unable to speak,
And the tears roll unchecked down my face.

"A Father's Delight" by Kae Mentz © Used with permission


  1. This is absolutely beautiful -- and that picture -- wow ... i love the glow of a beaming face! Bless God! All my love to you my dear friend & sister!

  2. Thank you so much Christina! I adore this picture, I first saw it probably a year ago, and it brings tears to my eyes each time I look at it! Do check out Kae Mentz's website if you get chance, there are some other beautiful images, one of the bride of the King also sticks in my mind. God bless you!

  3. Beautiful testimony, Diana...
    When God acts upon us, it cannot be denied.
    Love how you were able to put it to verse.


    1. Thanks, Liz ♥ Romans 8:16 has come alive :)

  4. How simply beautiful Diana! And that painting is just beautiful - that is a very talented artist!
    Many blessings to you sister.

    1. Hi Diane, sorry, somehow I missed your comment here! Thank you, dear sister, yes, a talented artist indeed. God bless you! ♥